Back to Basics: Multisensory Reading and Math Instruction for All Learners

This past year has been tumultuous and unpredictable, as schools have navigated reopening and operating during a global pandemic. With COVID-19 turning a corner, many schools are looking toward summer and fall as a way to restore and renew the basics of teaching and learning. Many educators are eager to turn their attention back to the very questions they grappled with before the onset of the pandemic: How can I help struggling readers learn to read? What kind of approach to teaching math will meet the needs of my students with learning challenges? How can I differentiate my teaching so that all learners can be successful?

Join us this July for two virtual courses designed for K-8 educators looking to gain concrete tools, skills, and understandings for teaching reading and/or math in the fall. The courses will focus on the evidence-based methods that have proven to be effective with learners both at the Shefa School and at hundreds of schools across the country.

About the Shefa Center
The Shefa Center, the Shefa School’s outreach arm, provides professional development, training, and consultation to Jewish day schools and educators from diverse settings to empower them to build their capacity for meeting the needs of students with learning challenges. With the generous support of partnering foundations and organizations, we offer workshops and webinars, facilitate collaboration between educational leaders, and provide customized consultation and coaching to individual schools.

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