Ellen Grayson

Ellen is a highly experienced professional in the field of LD Education, Admissions and Placement. She has an impressive track record spanning decades, with significant contributions to various educational institutions in New York City. Ellen comes to us from the Gateway School, where she served as a key member of the leadership team for over a decade, holding the position of Director of Admissions and Outplacement. Her strategic acumen and leadership played a pivotal role in repositioning the school within the competitive landscape of independent schools in New York City. Prior to Gateway, Ellen chaired the Quest department at The Dwight School for nearly two decades and played an instrumental role in the successful implementation of the rigorous International Baccalaureate program, further enriching Dwight’s educational offerings. In her private practice, Ellen leverages her extensive network and relationships with a diverse range of schools, including Independent Day, Specialized, Parochial, Religious, and Boarding Schools. This has earned her a renowned status as a highly sought-after school placement consultant, with both domestic and international clientele. 

Ellen holds a Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia University, Teachers College. Born and raised in New York City, Ellen resides in Manhattan with her husband Eric. Her extensive experience, coupled with her educational background and leadership positions firmly establish her as a luminary in the field of LD Education, Admissions and Placement. Her contributions have solidified her reputation as a trusted resource for students and families seeking educational placement guidance.